Had a lovely talk this morning with a few people from the Oliver Zangwill Centre in Ely, England, where they work with brain-injured patients and teach them memory strategies. I was able to enlighten them on what I've been able to do for my memory and how it can be applied to people with serious brain impairments. They all seemed very excited and interested, and are planning on having me become more involved with their work. Very exciting! For those of you out there that feel like you have a hopelessly terrible memory, fear not! I once too had a crappy memory. ANYONE, and I seriously mean ANYONE, can do what I do. It just takes a bit of learning and a tiny bit of effort :) Pick up Dominic O Brien's "Quantum Memory Power" audio CD and get started (this is what I started with).

On a side note, I've been training pretty savagely for the UK Memory Championship, which is at the end of the month. With the scores I've been getting in practice I should be able to boost my international ranking pretty significantly. I'm stuck at 101st place right now because the USA Memory Championship doesn't count towards any of those rankings. Crazy right? What the frick? If only the people who run the USA competition and the international competitions would join hands. It's a bunch of BS that it all isn't one and the same, honestly.

I've been writing a lot about memory lately and not so much about climbing. The next one will be about mountains, I promise.

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