Today I put in my 2 week notice for my current job. I have been thinking about how I want to approach the next year of my life for the past couple of months and have decided that to capitalize on all that I am doing, I need to quit my job and focus 100% on memory, memory training, and raising awareness. Part of my big plan is to compete in the 2011 World Memory Championships in December, in China. To do that (and to do well in the competition) I need to treat my training like it is my full-time job. I still have been training everyday and improving, but making it my main priority will allow me to improve in more.

I feel like getting out onto the world stage of memory competitions will raise more awareness for what I am trying to do. Winning the USA Championships was great, but has only taken me so far. So, in preparation for the World Championships, I will be using the UK Memory Championships (at the end of August) and the German Memory Championships (mid September) to practice and push up my rankings to hopefully top 20 or even top 10 in the world.

In addition to that, I will be freeing up more time to focus on my ultimate message of memory improvement and valuing the mind.

More exciting news coming up!

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