Hey all. So a little more on the climbing (after all this is Climb For Memory, not Memorize For Memory). So yeah, as the end of my job approaches on Friday, my memory training schedule is gonna become my full-time job. A big part of my memory training is actual physical training. For those of you who don't know, keeping your mind fit has a lot to do with keeping your body fit. It helps improve blood flow to the brain. So I make sure (and so should you!) that I keep in shape, much like I did when training for Mt. Everest.

Keeping in shape will also keep me prepared for my upcoming climbs. Because of the numerous things I have going on memory-related until the end of this year, I'll have to wait till next summer for my next big climb. So next summer I'll be going back to the Alps to do the famous Alp Trilogy (Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, and the Eiger). I've already climbed Mont Blanc, but this time I'll be using it as an acclimatization climb. Then the Matterhorn and Eiger will follow. They aren't super high-altitude climbs, but are both quite technical.

Check out the beastliness of the Matterhorn:

Located in Zermatt, Switzerland, it rises up 14,692 ft (that's higher than any peak in the continental US). It's a very steep climb and prone to some wicked weather changes and sudden rock-falls.

As for the Eiger, it lies in Grindelwald, Switzerland at a height of 13,025 ft. There are two basic routes up this mountain: the West Ridge and the North Face. The North Face is one of the most dangerous climbs in the world....so needless to say I won't be going up that route. I may never even try that EVER. Wow. Check out this video of Euli Steck (one of the fastest climbers in the world) climbing the North Face in a record breaking time of 2 hours 47 minutes.

Andddd check out the awesomeness of the Eiger's summit ridge. I think I just swallowed my testicles.

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