I have lived for 1 BILLION seconds. I think that's pretty sweet. Roughly 31 years, 8.5 months. In a row. Without dying. Breathing. Heart beating. Thinking. Memorizing. Loving. Hating. Hurting. Drinking. Peeing. Speaking. Running. Climbing. ALL. THE. THINGS. A billion is a huge number, folks! Did you know that 1 million seconds is only about 11.5 days? Think about a billion like this: If you had 1 million dollars and you spent $1000 a day, it would last you about three years. BUT, if you had a 1 billion dollars and you spent it the same way, it would last you.....2,740 years!!! That's a huge number. Not many take a second (::chuckle::) to realize it.

Anyways, if you're curious when your 1 billionth second day will be go to wolframalpha.com and type in your birthdate + 1 billion seconds and it will figure it out for you. I think it's pretty cool.