For the last 6-months I have been working on (writing, drawing, inking, illustrating, binding) my very own children's picture book teaching memory techniques. Now completed, I am trying to get it published and printed. The best way for me to do this quickly and surely, is by doing it myself. In order to do that, I need your help! I started a Kickstarter campaign just a couple days ago to raise the money to professionally scan the artwork from the book and then to print copies for all the people who want a copy and hopefully more! I set a goal of $3500 and we are already at $2500 after just 2 days!! This is amazing! Please help me get to the goal. The sooner we get to that goal, the sooner I can actually increase the goals of this charming little book. Let's aim for the stars!

Here is an accompanying video on how I put the book together. Enjoy :) And please help if you can!