I've jumped from day 2 to day 6, I know. Sorry! I thought there'd be more cell service out here but I was wrong. I mean get with it Africa, even Everest had service...geez. We've been climbing for the past three days solid and it's been quite nice. Nothing crazy hard, just long slogs. Reminds me a lot of the Everest Base Camp trek. Only a few more days until we go for the summit (Friday at midnight). Everyone on our team is doing great so far. We're having tons of fun and the bathroom jokes have settled in comfortably over our dinners as they usually do on mountain trips.

The weather has been incredible too. All day it's either sunny or slightly misty and then when we get to camp it just becomes totally sunny. Last night we played around with our fancy cameras, taking night exposure shots while writing things in the sky with a flashlight. Super cool!

Anyways, tomorrow things get a bit more serious as we'll be starting to sleep over 4000 meters. I'll try to check in when I can, but obviously it ain't easy. Best thing to do is follow my satellite tracker (linked in my previous post).