Had our debriefing this morning with our four local guides (one of them was named Nelson! Oh yes, Nelson^2). All looks good. The rest of the team arrived as well and now we are one big happy fellowship (since we are nine...or maybe we are the Nazgul?) Everything looks good to go. We leave tomorrow at 8:30am for the park gate to the Machame Route (which is, from what I gather, not the easiest but one of the easier routes on the mountain). The first day is supposed to be hot and long (18 km), but we'll end up at around 10,000ft once the day is through. So that's already some decent elevation.

I'm so pumped for this! I'll try to send out blog posts if at all possible, but in the event that I can't, you can follow my progress here:


POLE POLE! ('slowly, slowly' in Swahili)