CX_fit-456One of the more common questions I get from people is " do you train for Everest?" Last time I climbed Everest my training was roughly 5-6 days a week running 4-7 miles, with 3-4 of those days also lifting, working on strength. Nothing super over the top, but still a pretty good schedule. I felt strong on that climb, but as many of you know, it didn't get me to the top. I think that was because I had too much of a predictable workout schedule, and after a while, running just wasn't pushing me enough.

This year I've been varying my routines on the daily to keep my body guessing and ready for anything. Typically I do 3-4 days on, 1 day off, then repeat. It really depends on how my body is feeling. Some workouts hurt for longer, so for example, this week I rested Friday and Sunday. The goal of my training is to keep my whole body in shape and capable of attacking any type of physical situation. Granted, climbing is pretty predictable - it's pretty much just carrying a heavy pack and using your legs to walk up a steep incline. But I truly believe that being fit means being ready for absolutely anything. Here's a taste of what I did last week.


Strength: 10 Rep Max Lunges (5 each leg)(Front Rack Position)


3×5 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), 1 minute rest between sets 10 burpees 5 bar muscle ups 10 squat jumps 100m run


Buy In: 1000m run


5 rounds of: 8 deadlifts 185 lbs 10 wall ball shots 20 lbs 12 kettle bell swings 55 lbs

Buy Out: 1000m run


EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 10 min.: 3 hand-stand pushups


15 min. AMRAP: 5 burpees 10 ring aussie pull-ups 10 weighted step-ups with 35 lb dumb-bell (5 each leg) 5 strict pull-ups

Buy Out: Hi-plank hold for 5 min.


15 min. EMOM: 2 hang squat snatch 95 lbs + 5 burpees


For time (split between a partner): 100 pull-ups 150 thrusters 95 lbs 200 double unders (jump rope)


Rest day :)


10 rounds for time: 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups 7 front squats 115 lbs 7 hand stand push ups



Active rest day - 5 mile run.

So, there you have it (If you're not sure what some of those movements are, just youtube ''ll find plenty of tutorials). I've been following this training regiment for just over a year, whereas in 2011 I had only started training 6 months before. I feel incredibly strong - stronger than I've ever felt in my life - and my endurance and stamina are through the roof.

Onto the next week of training!

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