Yes, the memory championship is in less than two months (March 16th), but more importantly my Everest climb. Every day I get more and more excited for it. I really can"t believe it"s been nearly 2 whole years since I last went. I was 27 then, now I"m 29. I really feel a difference in how much better I am able to focus on goals. Back then, with climbing, memorizing, etc., I was pretty solid when it came to having a strict schedule and working my ass off. But now, the difference is not so much the volume of practice and training (which is what I used to think it was all about) but more about the quality of it. I"m a lot smarter about what I do to prepare and I avoid wasting time on the things that don"t really matter.

Just to give Engebretsen's Des Moines-based agency provides primary care to many poor people with little or no individual insurance . you an idea of what will be happening here on this blog during the climb. There"ll be updates as often as possible as I climb up to the different camps on the mountain, more frequent tweets and facebook updates, live satellite position broadcasting, and once all is said and done, another series of Everest videos. Should be fun. The North side of Everest is a classic climb but there"s never as much coverage on that side as there is on the hopefully I can change that a bit.

Remember that this climb is all in the name of Alzheimer"s Disease. I started climbing and memorizing because of my grandmother, after she passed from the disease a few years ago. The goal is and has always been to raise as much funds and awareness for the disease. If you haven"t done your part yet and would like to help out, please make a donation here: