'Sup. Day 2 is over and I'm not feeling so hot about my performance. Don't know what's up with me this weekend, but I'm not gonna let this happen again....My scores haven't been bad, I mean I'm still doing pretty well, it's just I know I can do a ton better. Anywho, tomorrow is filled with stuff I'm very good at like Random Words, Spoken Numbers, and Speed Cards...so hopefully I can redeem myself.

Today started with the announcing of yesterday's scores. I got 3rd place for names and faces - YES (101 names). I think 8th for hour numbers (went for 1680 or so, but got 1302). Binary I got around 1200 digits correct just as I had predicted. Meh. But it left me in 9th place overall and with the help of Brad Zupp and Luis Angel, put team USA in 6th place!

Abstract Images - my goal was to break 200 points. I went for 205 and I'm pretty sure I nailed it. So I'm excited about that. That's a good score for me considering how little I practiced this event.

Speed Numbers Trial 1 - I went for 288 (again, I felt sluggish) but made a good amount of mistakes, ended up with a score of 208 digits. This is like my score from 2 years ago. Yuck.

Historic Dates - Was hoping for at least 60, but my pace was poor and only got to look at about 55 dates, recalling about 48 or 49 or so. Might be a personal best in competition though.

Speed Numbers Trial 2 - Went for just under 320 digits this time, but I know I made mistakes. Hopefully I hit about 240 this time, we'll see tomorrow.

Hour Cards - Had 21 packs of playing cards laying on my desk ready to be memorized (dwarfed by my neighbor Ben Pridmore's absurd collection of 36 packs!!!), but at this point (and I know I'm being kinda negative, but sorry) I just wanted to nail 10 so I could get my Grandmaster title. So I went for 15, recalling 13.25 decks (perfectly, I think).

Ok, time to be positive. Tomorrow I could be crowned a grandmaster. And that means "Nelson" gets replaced with "Grandmaster" everywhere and always. Grandmaster Dellis.

As for the other competitors, Jonas is destroying it like it's nobody's business. Right on brother. Simon and Johannes are still keeping it real in first and second.