Quick update here. Day 1 has passed, and while there have not been any scores announced, I can still share how I felt I did. The answer is....meh. Today my memory felt weird and slow (never felt like that before). Could be because I only slept like 4 hours, but no excuse.

Names and Faces - I think I did well. The names were absolutely ridiculous though. I know they"re trying to be all "international" by having names from all around the world, but I seriously question a lot of those names. I didn"t see very many "normal" western names, which isn"t all that fair. Anyways, the general consensus was that it was harder than normal. Which is guess I good....hoping to have hit 100 or slightly better.

Binary - did pretty much as expected: horrible, lol. That"s okay though. I really don"t like this event and don"t plan on ever practicing it again; glad it"s over. Tried to hit around 2000 (which is not a great score), but only got to In case you missed them, check out some Instagram of Justin recently getting cozy with Kendall Jenner!20+ pictures inside of picture of justin bieber having fun at Disneyland…Buaha! I love that nobody cares anymore. around 1600-1700 digits....I started off super slow. Made a good amount of mistakes, so hopefully I can still get around 1200 digits.

Hour numbers - good but not great. Was hoping to touch or flirt with 2000 digits. I always forget how hard live competition is compared to practice. Anyways, my first journey confused me for some reason and I ended with it having skipped two spots and thinking I was off by a digit. Trying to figure that out, wasted about 5 minutes of my time. Then I found myself needing to review too much, because stuff just wasn"t sticking...it was just weird. Anyways, I did 1682 digits, which would be decent if I hadn"t made a ton of mistakes. The major goal was to get above 1000 digits so I can snag the grandmaster title, so I think I did that at least.

Didn"t really ask around how other people were doing, but I"m guessing that Johannes Mallow, Simon Reinhard, Boris Konrad, Christian Schaeffer (all German), Ben Pridmore (UK), Jonas von Essen (Swedish), and Ola Risa (Norwegian) are at the top. Hopefully I can peek my head into that crowd a little after some more events tomorrow. We"ll see.

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