Just came back from Joshua Foer's Books & Books book reading (that's a mouthful of 'books"). The turnout was awesome! Never thought you could fit that many people in that book store. Ha! Anyways, I thought it went well. Josh got a ton of questions thrown at him and he handled them all very smoothly. I didn't get to do the cards demonstration I wanted to (would have taken too much time), so I stuck with the numbers. Made a small flub, but that happens from time to time, especially with all sorts of distractions. For those who were there and were not impressed with my memory skills, please personally email me at climbformemory@gmail.com and tell me so. I will personally come find you and show you how to memorize a deck of cards.

Aside from that, it was great to have my family and friends there. Now, on to the next endeavor. MT. EVEREST. Holy cow. I leave in 3 days. I just finished packing today and I have two really huge and heavy duffel bags. It's so tough to pack for 2 months (in the wilderness). The million dollar question: HOW MUCH TOILET PAPER TO BRING????

Oh PS: I'm totally writing a book after this climb. I just gotta come up with a cooler title than "Moonwalking With Einstein" (maybe "Climbing With Einstein" or "Climb For Moonwalking With Einstein's Memory" or "Moonwalking Up Mt. Everest For Einstein" or....)