It"s been a week since I won, and it"s been super crazy and busy. A ton of interview requests, articles, twitter adds, facebook messages, speaking engagements, and I"m spent. Ha. I leave for Mt. Everest in 6 days and it has seriously just crept up on me. Having been so focused on winning the memory competition, it"s a bit challenging to switch gears to Everest mode. I got back home to Miami where all my gear is yesterday and started sorting my gear. I"m definitely starting to feel that mountaineering excitement I get before a climb. Gonna try and get my packing done today or tomorrow so I can enjoy the rest of the week (and try to pack on some LBS).

For those of you from Miami, I will be at Books and Books on Tuesday at 8pm for Joshua Foer"s reading/book signing of "Moonwalking With Einstein". I"ll be doing some type of memory demonstration - there"s been one I"ve been dying to do which I think is pretty sexy.

Anyways, this week I"ll be only focusing on my climb, so expect some more blog posts relating to Everest.

Cheers! (And thanks for all the congrats from everybody, I seriously appreciate it!)