This past week have been crazy...two world records on both interests of my blog, climbing and most importantly, memory! First, the controversial 13 year old Jordan Romero became the youngest person and American to summit Mt. Everest...incredible - you can check out more on his website ( Overall, the season on Everest went smoothly. Over 500 summits (putting the total Everest summit count since the 1950s at over 5000), and only 4 deaths, which were all on the north side. So now the season is over and all that remains is a 10 month countdown for my climb. I am excited. Not only for the climb, but to raise awareness of my cause to a whole new level. The word about what I"m doing is spreading slowly but surely, and I have garnered a lot of interest in my memory techniques and training. All I want is for people"s desire to have my abilities (which are all trained, and anyone is capable!) and to keep their minds fit!

The second world record I want to discuss is Simon Reinhard"s amazing, and I literally mean A-MA-ZING, record of memorizing a deck of cards in 21.90 seconds. Before you read on, I want you to grab a deck of cards and time yourself thumbing through a deck of cards. Try to do it in 20 seconds...I bet you, you can"t even do it. You have to understand that memorizing a stack of 52 pieces of information (its more like 104 pieces since each card has a number and suit), in 20 seconds. This record is scary, and just shows what the mind and memory is capable of. It was only years ago that scientists thought it to be impossible for people to memorize cards in under a minute. Now 20 seconds?? Very soon, it will be less than 20 seconds....This record should encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE to train their memory...seriously.

Ok, next topic...the future of this site. I"ve been very busy finishing up school lately, but I finally have a lot of time. So this week, the memory tips begin. I will start tomorrow be explaining how to memorize a deck of cards. I know it seems like a memory trick for show, but its actually a fantastic exercise for the brain. Check it out tomorrow!