Yo, Awesome things are happening. Such as this:

Ya, so Peak Freaks just put 3 more members of their team on the summit of Mt. Everest. The more I read about the team's success and the more I see photos like these, the more I get antsy for my trip next year! ARGHHH! I can't imagine what it will be like to reach the summit. And I definitely can't imagine what the hell you would do with your life after that?? There's a funny comedy bit done by Rhys Darby where he talks about how Buzz Aldrin leads a mundane life, scanning groceries, after he's been to the moon and how nothing lives up to being on the moon. People go to him, "Buzz, would you like some coffee?" "No thanks, I've been to the moon." "Hey Buzz, wanna come out with us tonight?" "Naw, I've been to the moon." Haha...watch it here: Buzz Aldrin. ANYWAYS, the Peak Freaks team is doing great out there and they will have another summit push next week for the remainder of the team.

As for my future plans, my Bolivia climb is coming to fruition. I'll be climbing in the Bolivian Andes mid July (more info on that later) and depending on jobs and such, there could be some local south florida memory competition action amongst high schools. Pretty exciting stuff, if I can get that going. How cool would it be if a number of Miami schools had memory teams and were learning how to memorize like crazy? For one, it would help out that damn FCAT problem.

Finally, the Miami Heat. I have this horrible feeling they aren't gonna be able to sign D-Wade again. That's all. Hopefully I'm wrong. The worst part is that I'm gonna be climbing while all the free agency stuff is going on. When I come back, everything is gonna be all changed in the NBA. That's what happened last year. I was on Mt. McKinley for 3 weeks and when I came back Michael Jackson had died and Shaq had been sent to the Cavs. Well I guess Michael Jackson isn't part of the NBA, but still.