Sorry, I've been bad at writing blog entries. I'm not sure if I'm just bad at keeping up with it or if I'm just to busy as of late. I would go with the second haha. Lots of job interviews and training....but ok - I'm off to Cambridge this weekend for the Cambridge Memory Competition! I will be posting as much as I can when I have internet connection, so stay posted. I'm trying to get world ranked and have the highest ranked memory in AMERICA! Yes! Gotta get some sleep now, but tomorrow I will go through all the events and what each requires in terms of memory skill. Exciting stuff! On a side note, Peak Freaks Everest expedition is going great still, most people are at Camp 2 and about to climb up to Camp 3 (24,300 ft). The team gets closer and closer to summit push day. I will keep you posted. Most of the team is still intact but a couple people had to turn back because of stomach viruses or from not being able to acclimatize (which can happen to anyone : / ).

Anyways, stay tuned! Exciting times :D