Wooo, I'm going to London! For those of you that don't know, I was actually born there. I haven't been there  about 3 years though, so it'll be exciting to go back (that is, unless I get trapped in a cloud of volcanic ash while I'm there). Aside from being excited for the Cambridge Memory Championship, I'm excited to get my hands on some salt and vinegar chips crisps and some Cadbury Minstrels (anyone who knows what those are is awesome automatically). Ok, enough small talk...my training has been going awesome. Ever since the US competition I have been working on new systems to improve my scores, but I actually have been getting better by just practicing my old systems. Weird. This always seems to happen though. I always tell myself that I'm gonna change my system to a faster one and then my old systems get faster, so I'm like, forget it. I never thought my current system for memorizing a deck of cards would break a minute, but Ive been averaging 55 seconds in the past few weeks. Same with numbers, I did 240 digits just the other day. If I can perform like that, I will be ranked really well :D. Yes, after this competition I get world ranked. I'm hoping for at worst, top 50. We will see. On the Everest front, the expedition group I will be a part of next year (Peak Freaks) has just acclimatized at camp 1 (20015 ft.). Pretty exciting stuff! To get to camp 1, climbers have to cross the most dangerous part of Mt. Everest, the Khumbu Icefall. So may crevasses and so many avalanches happen here, it is THE most dangerous place on the mountain - which is weird to think, because its basically near the bottom. Anyways, the team that is currently there has been passing through it with no problems. This is what it's like:

Man, when I see this kinda thing, I get so excited for next year! In the mean time though, my fundraising has been going really well. I will also be doing a climb in Bolivia this July climbing over 21,000 ft!

Stay tuned!