Hey! Welcome to my site! I know my site has actually been out for a few weeks now, but I wanted to wait a little bit before I gave a formal announcement. It is exactly ONE YEAR from today that I will be leaving for Nepal to climb the tallest mountain in the world. I have a year to prepare for this thing and I"m gonna need all the help I can get. Please check out my donation page to see how you can help both ME and ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. Also, check back regularly because I"ll be adding information on my memory techniques. For those of you that don"t know, I am a mental athlete and I train my memory daily. Because of that I can do some pretty awesome stuff. Earlier this month, I set the US record for the largest number memorized in 5 minutes (178 digits). BOOM. Alright, well I"ll leave you be. Explore my site, check out my photos from some past climbs, email me and say hi, and please, please, please donate. Every little bit counts.

Thank you guys,