For those of you unfamiliar with how climbing Everest works, here are a few things to know. 1. Everest is typically climbed in April-June, with most summits happening in May. Some people climb it in Fall, but I think the success rate is less. Anywho...the reason people aim for May is because the summit of Mt. Everest is at nearly 30,000 ft and gets bombarded by wind from the jet stream. The monsoon season in that area of the world starts to move in about this time and as it does, it lifts the jet stream for a short period of time. Then Boom, awesome weather and low winds - an opportune time to attack the summit.

2. Climbing from the North side of the mountain and the South side are completely different ball games. Most people attempt it from the South side. It's a longer trek into base camp, which means harder to get evacuated from if you're in an emergency, but overall it's a bit "easier" and "safer." I quote those terms because nothing about Everest is easy or safe.

My climb is going to be outfitted by Peak Freaks Expeditions. They are almost set to begin this years expedition and you can follow their progress here. Exciting stuff!