One thing I consistently try to do in life, is to make the most out of each day. Most of my days are very routine, but I always try to do at least one new, out-of-the-ordinary, thing. Sometimes it’s a big thing, like traveling to a new country, but most of the time, it’s something small like pick up my guitar and play a new tune, sing a new song to my baby boy (the alphabet backwards), or even driving an alternate route to work.


Because routine is the speeder-upper of life. It makes life zoom by in an instant, making each day almost indistinguishable from the last in your memory. By breaking it up with more variety — doing more — time feels like it passes slower.

If you don’t believe me, try it. For the next week, do something totally unique on each day and at the end of the week look back on your memory of the week and tell me that it doesn’t feel lengthier.

Think about it. If I were to think back on my most recent week of life and everyday was the same, what actually will you be thinking back on? Essentially you’d just be reliving one memory: wake up, brush teeth, shower, go to work, work, eat lunch, work some more, come home, dinner, bed. Times 7. Now imagine everyday you did just one thing totally out of the norm and interesting. For simplicity sake, let’s say you ate at a different restaurant for lunch. When thinking back on those last 7 days, you’ll think oh, Monday was that delicious Italian restaurant, Tuesday we ate some insane Peruvian food, etc. That’s more memories you’ll have accrued over the 7 days. Those 7 days feel full.

There’s a great article that talks about our perception of time and why this happens. Have a read:

Recently, my new company Ax Ventures, organized a trip to Everest Base Camp. I started the business because I want to create opportunities for people to get a chance to create those memorable experiences so life doesn’t pass by in a flash. Here is a video recapping that trip, with some commentary on making life memorable. Enjoy!