Hey everyone!

2018 is well underway and here a few updates.

First, we had a successful Kilimanjaro climb for my Alzheimer's charity Climb4Memory back in January. Check out this short recap to get an idea of how it went:

(If you want to see a funny video about the bathroom situations on Kili, check out this one: https://youtu.be/LQ4YO4izYro)

Next, I've been finishing up my memory how-to book, due out in bookstores this fall.

Aside from that, just making more and more memory tutorial content for my youtube channel to help you guys out with improving your memory. If you aren't subscribed yet, please do:

And lastly, a quick announcement that I will be moving on from a project of mine that I started back in 2012 called Memory League (aka Extreme Memory Tournament). For my own reasons, I've moved on and have decided to work on things that make more sense with what I am doing currently and on things that motivate me to improve the memory community. I'm sure Memory League Championships will still happen, I just won't run them or be a part of them. Onwards to bigger and better things!