I was heading back from some travels overseas when all my flights got delayed/cancelled. My bags were going to end up somewhere I wasn't going to be, I was tired and grumpy, and I just needed to get home ASAP. 

I spent the following hours speaking to customer service reps over the phone. One rep transferring me on to another one, and then on to another one -- you know the drill. One thing I quickly realized is that I should have memorized my flight confirmation code -- they kept asking for it and I kept having to rummage through my bags to find it! Typically when I travel, I memorize it before hand, but sometimes I don't (hi, I'm lazy!). But in this case, I should have done it because I needed to have it on hand more than ever in this stressful situation.

Being a memory guy of course, I eventually did memorize it. And I eventually made it home (along with my bags) in one piece. Phew!

As a result of that experience, I decided to make a video about how you can never forget that annoying little alphanumeric flight confirmation code so that you can be a travel guru, with no stress, on the run.

Here's my latest random memory tips video on exactly that. I hope it helps down the road!