Annnnd I've finally gotten around to editing my vlogs from last year's expedition. FINALLY! Below you'll find the first one as I was arriving in Kathmandu. Rewatching all that footage just gives me so much FOMO. I wish I was there right now...

For those interested, my upcoming climbing plans are the following: heading with two buddies of mine, to K2 region for 3 weeks in June. While we won't be climbing K2, we will trek to base camp and climb a few 6000m peaks in the region. My secret goal is to scout out K2 for a future possible climb, but shhhh. And then hopefully the Matterhorn for a week at the end of summer. Let's see.

Then....and I'll probably get a lot of flack for this, but Everest next year, again. Yes, I know. I know I said I wouldn't climb it again, but I just can't get it out of my head. It's just one of those goals I need to see through and I know I can physically do it. So stay tuned for developments on that end.

For now, here's the first part of my Everest 2016 story: