Growing up bilingual (English and French), I was born lucky. My parents both Belgian born, spoke French constantly around the house and between themselves so we had almost no choice but to pick up both English and French. And ever since then I've always been fluent at French despite not speaking it as much as I used to; lucky me. Most people aren't so lucky.

For those of you who took years of learning a language in high school and/or college but now have nothing to show for it, I feel for you. I've tried to learn other languages (Spanish, for one) like this and failed time and time again. It's a common thing to only know one language and to struggle to learn another, especially in the USA, but there are some tools out there to help you actually learn that language you've always been meaning to learn.

Gabriel Wyner, expert language learner, polyglot, and author of Fluent Forever, sits with us today to explain to us how to do just that! I hope you enjoy this one. There are some great nuggets of language-learning wisdom here...