Switching things up a bit on my MIND SHOW, I decided to chat with an unknown. Well...known to me, but mostly unknown to the world. I think it's interesting to highlight everyday people who have incredible mental skills. 

David is one of those people.

David and I studied Physics together at the University of Miami back in the early-to-mid 2000s. We learned a lot from each other and explored a lot of cool Math and Physics problems along the way (had Rubik's Cube solving competitions, built robots, had hack-a-thons, liquid nitrogen tank rolling races (like log-rolling only with liquid nitrogen...empty liquid nitrogen tanks), soldered a portable SNES system together, and more). He is one of the smartest people I know. On top of THAT, he is a virtuoso violin player who boasts one of the coolest mental skills: perfect pitch.

He's able to distinguish musical frequencies just like you and I can distinguish colors and their names. Play any note, chord, melody, and he can deconstruct it and name each component in extraordinary detail. Amazing. 

In this episode of the MIND SHOW, we sit down and chat about this skill, how it came to him, what it means, how it affects his everyday life, and more.