It's been a long time coming, but here it is, in all of it's glory. Big, sleek, sexy, and making the ladies go wild.

I had been planning on splitting up Climb For Memory into two separate, more meaningful and easy-to-understand websites for a while now. There is me, Nelson Dellis, the memory guy, and then there is Climb For Memory, the non-profit I founded and run. A lot of people have always asked me over the years where the distinction is between the two since a lot of my personal stuff was on the Climb For Memory website as well, so hopefully that's a bit more clear now. The new Climb For Memory website is coming shortly as well. So look out for that.

The blog will still be shared for now, but each will have their own updates and content aside from that, on their own respective websites. Speaking of the blog, I am still migrating all of the past 5 years of blog posts so that all of the memory tips, ramblings, climbing journals, will continue to live on through my blog. So, that will take a bit of time. Thanks for your patience...

Other updates. EVEREST 2016 is on and coming up in three months. I know many of you expressed interest of joining on the trek into Base Camp. That is still happening. I'm sorry I wasn't able to organize more details earlier (which will limit a lot of you from being able to make it happen), but I still plan on giving all the deets VERY soon, so you can make arrangements to join me.


(PS. Love the meta website within a website on this blog-post. INCEPTION BRAWHHHHH!)