I'll write a whole competition write-up after the competition is over, but here are the quick updates. Marwin Wallonius (Sweden) and Alex Mullen (USA) are killing it. Both guys are just at a whole other level. Maybe there is something to having youth on your side. In other news...I'm old, haha.

A lot of records have fallen thus far:

1. Binary Numbers // Marwin Wallonius // 5040 digits 2. Hour Numbers // Alex Mullen // 3029 digits 3. Abstract Images // Marwin Wallonius // 599 images 4. Speed Numbers // Marwin Wallonius & Tsogobadrakh // 520 digits (tie)

Top 3 as of yesterday (before the hour cards, which we haven't received results from yet) are:

1. Marwin Wallonius 2. Alex Mullen 3. Simon Reinhard (not to far off of my predictions).

As for me, no clue where I'm sitting in the standings, but I'm about on par with where I've been the past 3 WMCs, which is frustrating, but it is what it is. Will definitely need to change my game-plan for next year if I want to compete with the big boys. On to Day 3!