In case you haven't heard, 4x USA Memory Champ (aka me, Nelson Dellis) is hosting a brand-new memory tournament called the Extreme Memory Tournament, for the second year in a row. For those who don't know, 4x Australian Memory Champ Simon Orton and Nelson created this event and the memory training software that comes with it just over a year and a half ago. The idea: 2 days of competitive, gripping, extreme, mind-bending memory matches. Head-to-head action, all digital, in a live setting that can engage the audience. Simon Reinhard, one of the top mental athletes in the world will be defending his 2014 XMT title! When: May 2-3, 2015 (both days 8am-4pm) Where: Dart NeuroScience Center, San Diego, CA Tickets: FREE, but RSVP here: Day 1 // Day 2 Who: The top memory athletes around the world! Check them out!

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