A quick update here on The Memorable Project.... It has been a rough month (with regards to the success of the project), and even though it was a short one, I found myself busy with a lot of other things. Namely, training full-on for the USA Memory Championships (in 28 days from now), working on my book, and planning my slow take-over of the world :D

As I said previously after month #1, it seems easier for me to remember the news events rather than the 3 life events. I've since moved to using flash cards, and those have helped tremendously. But I think more solid review sessions are the way to go and the true key to success in this project. That might not be truly feasible until the memory competition is over when I can focus on this project 100%. Until then, I'll keep on making my life memorable and logging in information daily, doing light reviews whenever I can.

In spite of all the difficulty memorizing this stuff, I'm having loads of fun planning and mapping out new and interesting things to do each and every day. 2014 has already been an awesome year so far and it's just getting started!