First let me say, I'm home! Yay, I'm home! Made it back safely from Kilimanjaro a week ago and have been getting back into the groove of things for 2014. There are a few things on my plate now, the big one being the memory competition I'm organizing in April (more on that soon, or here if you want a sneak peek), and the next big one being my 'Memorable Year Project.' That's the one where I'm memorizing every day of this year, remember?

It's the end of January, so that means 1 out of 12 months are memorized. CHECK. So how did it go? Well, it was bloody hard. The writing it down once and never reviewing it part (other than thinking about it in my own head) has gone right out the window. It's just too much information to keep track of off of one glance. And, if this is only with one month's worth of info, imagine how I'll feel by November! GAHHH!

No matter, I'm committed to see this through till the end. I am reviewing more constantly and making these memories stick. Hopefully in a few months time, I'll have a knack for it and it will become a lot easier. What I've realized is the most difficult part about all this is remembering the personal memories I choose. I can remember the weather, location, and world news event super easily, but it's tough recalling the 3 things I did that day...not sure quite why, but maybe because they are always so random. One day I was doing something epic like summiting Kilimanjaro, the other day just eating a chicken sandwich.