Happy New Year! Some of you might have already caught a glimpse of my project for 2014 here: http://tech.co/new-years-resolutions-entrepreneurs-entrepreneurs-2013-12. But let me re-explain it for you guys.

I'm all about memories. It's what I value most and it's also what I believe makes me one of the best memorizers in the world. I use my memorable experiences to help enhance my memory. A lot of people don't know this about me, but I make a big effort to remember my life events. I journal a lot, I go out of my way to make moments memorable, and I write/reminisce a lot too. But I want to take it further.

Let me first make sure all my readers know that I do not have any sort of Super Autobiographical Memory (like, at all). I remember and forget life events just as well/poorly as anyone else. But I do feel that there are things I can do (given my learned memory skills) to mimic as if I did have that kind of memory, even if only a tiny bit. So 2014 is going to be my little experiment. Here are the rules:

1. Everyday in 2014 (January 1st - December 31st) I will commit the following to memory:

  • 1 world news event (doesn't have to be a headliner, just something that happened that day and that can be looked up and verified when I recall it)
  • 3 life events (3 things I found important from that specific day that I want to remember)
  • My location (city)
  • Weather (nothing crazy, just whether it was rainy, cloudy, absolutely freezing, a hurricane, etc.).

2. I'm not allowed to review these memories by looking at anything, it all has to be in my head.

3. I have to make the effort to make each day count. Go for adventures, try new things, make life MEMORABLE.

3. Each day, I will write the 3 items down (my life events) on a small piece of paper, and enter them into a "piggy-bank" (something I can't open without breaking it). That way, at the end of the year, I'll have some way to demonstrate that I actually remember every day of the year (by having someone break the piggy-bank, choose random strips of paper, and test me).

That's pretty much it. Simple. Just remember life at the end of each day (I would prefer to not even write ANYTHING down at all, but I'll need some way to verify it at the end of the year, hence the piggy-bank idea).

Onwards to 2014!!