Finally, the last video of my 2013 Everest series. With this video I'll be closing up that awesome chapter of my life. 2014 will have a lot of new climbs, kicking off the year with Kilimanjaro, then Manaslu in the fall. Then if all goes well, back with Altitude Junkies on Everest in 2015. This video took me a long time to put together, but it's also probably the one I've put the most into. I was very careful in choosing the shots and how to edit it all together. I played with a bunch of different songs, but I'm super happy with the ones I finally settled on. I think they set the mood just right. Most people see mountain climbing as this incredibly extreme experience, but as you'll see in the video, a lot of it is calm, slow, and peaceful. It's just me and the mountain; me battling the elements and my mental head-game.

This will wrap up anything climbing related for 2013. On to the next year!