....you plan a third attempt. 2015 y'all. Have to. Next year will be Manaslu. I NEED to get an 8000m peak under my belt. And considering I've already been higher than any other 8000m peak (aside from Everest of course), I should be able to summit Manaslu (in theory), the 8th highest peak in the world.

So what have I been up to in the past 2 months since I returned from Everest? A whole lot of everything. First and most importantly was for me to get myself back into the physical shape I was pre-Everest. That meant gaining back the 30 pounds of muscle I had lost over the course of the expedition. That came back surprisingly quickly. I'm now back up to where I was before and probably even stronger. It's amazing what the body can do. I have a big CrossFit competition next weekend, which I hope to do well in. It'll be a great way to measure how "back in shape" I truly am.

As for memory stuff, I am now in the midst of training for the World Memory Championships at the end of November. As for the US Competition next March, I'm seriously doubting whether I'll compete there again. The competition, in my opinion, was a total shit show this past year and unless things change (events, certain rules, and the overall organization and structure of the competition) then I won't be there. It's not worth my time. I remember sitting on stage in the final rounds last time thinking to myself "did I seriously just spend a whole year training for this?". There are bigger things to invest my time into.

As of career stuff, there is a ton of stuff in the hopper. Can't really disclose any of it now, but soon enough. All exciting things, so stay tuned!

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