This coming Monday is kind of a big deal for me (and for Memory Sports in general). It's the first seriously televised memory event in the history of the world! You might have already seen a promo for it on TV.

I haven't seen the show so I'm a bit scared how they will portray me, but it is what it is. The idea of the show is that they'll follow 6-10 of the mental athletes competing in this year's USA Memory Championships (which was this past March in NYC...*SPOILER* I lost stupidly in the final round, if you remember *SPOILER*). It should be a pretty sweet showing though, the producers of the show were very adamant about making the show, and memory in general, seem "cool" and "hip" (which it is, duh)....For example, they had me go to South Beach and randomly stop girls on Spring Break (in bikinis of course) and ask if I could memorize their phone numbers, haha. Should be fun.

Anyways, watch it, DVR it, do whatever you have to do to see it.

It's on the Science Channel on July 15th (this coming Monday) at 10pm.

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