First of all, check out these awesome pictures from the World Memory Championships:

It shows some artsy photos of people concentrating before memorizing. Some people are wearing crazy goggles, glasses, and other things I have no names for. While it may seem like everyone wears these things, a good portion actually don't. I personally like to wear headphones and that's it. No glasses. Although I probably should use some glasses with blinders, given that last year at the USA Memory Championships the media was rudely taking flash photos just inches from my face as I tried to concentrate. Not cool. (For any media reading this and planning to attend the USA competition in March, please remember that no distracting photo snapping is allowed during memorization. That's a rule. Thanks). Maybe I should wear this completely embarrassing contraption?

photo (1)

Now for more important business: I officially registered for the USA competition! YES! I will be defending my title of 2 years, aiming to secure a 3rd title in a row. I've been training ridiculously hard for this, and while there are whisperings all around the internet of people planning to dethrone me, I feel pretty confident I can pull through. But if someone beats me, well man, then hats off to that person. I know what it takes to win, so if anyone is able to one-up that, nice. They absolutely deserve it. But I'm gonna make it extremely difficult for that to happen. Just saying.

As for Everest....OH MAN I'M EXCITED. I'm leaving in 2.5 months. Can't wait. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement regarding that climb.

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