Well today was supposed to be the annual Miami-Dade Walk To End Alzheimer's walk but it was cancelled because there's a hurricane nearby and it's causing all sorts of wind and rain. I was looking forward to being able to support the cause, but Oh well....The good news is that there'll be another walk a bit further north in Florida that my team will walk instead, mid November. If you're in the Broward area, make sure to join us on Nov. 10th to do it! I'll give you some memory tips! Speaking of November, it'll be National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness month. That means going out and spreading the word about what Alzheimer's is and how it is affecting millions of people in the USA alone. Here at Climb For Memory, we are devoted to spreading awareness in a unique way, namely, by climbing mountains. If you want to help support us and the cause, consider making a donation here (All donations are tax-deductible).

Did anyone catch me on The Dr. Oz Show yesterday?? If you missed it, I'll be posting the video soon.