Some days things just flow into perfect synchronization....Monday was one of those days.

I took a much needed rest day last Sunday from everything. Physical training AND mental training. I just needed a day to relax and stop thinking about all the big things that are coming up. When the Monday came around and I resumed my training....BOOM, everything seemed to be working in overdrive, perfectly in tune. I did two of my best card memorizations times ever, as well as the most digits I"ve ever memorized in 5 minutes. And it felt easier than usual. On top of all that, my workout felt great. I felt stronger than usual and I felt like I could have worked out forever. Such a great feeling.

To put the icing on the cake, I was asked to be on the Dr. Oz show this online casino's Friday.

So, the moral of today"s story is: Don"t let yourself get burned out. Take a day off to just veg out and remove yourself from your daily grind, whatever that may be. Take a day to do something else and don"t even think about the things you typically do on a day to day basis. A quick refresh is sometimes all you need to take yourself to the next level.