Today is the long-awaited TEDx conference in Coconut Grove (for those of you who don't know, Coconut Grove is a subset of Miami). It will be running from noon to 9pm at the Ransom Everglades High School, which is one of the oldest standing HS campuses in Miami - beautiful campus; beautiful auditorium. Read more about it here: TEDxCoconutGrove. I'll be speaking in the second set which runs from 2pm-4pm. My talk will be about my journey to becoming the USA Memory Champion and how I was able to improve my brain health with some simple and easy memory techniques. Should be fun! I did my run through on stage last Sunday and the whole set up looked awesome and the people running the whole thing were doing a smashing job.

My hope is that the talk becomes viral and eventually gets posted on the main website :) Fingers crossed.