I'm teaching a couple sections of a Java programming lab this semester at the University of Miami (where I did my Masters a couple of years ago) and they just re-activated my account from back then. The picture below was sitting on my desktop. It made me laugh because it was an idea I had for a 4-card memory system way back when. The idea was to do Person, Action, Object, Color. Person was the first card, Action was the second, third and fourth card (just the number value) was an Object, then I painted the whole mental scene with a color that was represented by the suit pair combination of those same two cards. Here are what each pair represented:

FYI, that system failed. I never got faster than 55 seconds for a deck of cards with it, so I dropped it. I think it was because I could never really get the hang of visualizing the colors well in my mind. I was pretty annoyed for a good while after because I thought I had discovered an amazing system that was failproof, but apparently I was wrong.