Things went smoothly last night and there were a good 100+ summits from both sides. No incidents from what I've heard so far, no annoying crowds, and supposedly, perfect weather. On the South Side, Peak Freaks scored 5 client summits and 6 Sherpa summits (FYI, my Sherpa from last year, Phu Tashi, managed to summit for a 2nd time last night....amazing. Twice in one season takes BALLS OF STEEL), Adventure Consultants had 2 clients, 4 Sherpas, Jagged Globe had 6 clients, 4 Sherpas, the Benegas Brothers had 4 clients, 2 Sherpas, and then Kenton Cool's Samsung team made it up with 2 climbers and 1 Sherpa.

I'm sure there might be a few staggered summit attempts over the next few days, but the season is pretty much coming to an end. Teams are heading back down to Base Camp to break down their camps and head down the Valley to Lukla. Then, home.

  • Kenton Cool: with 2 climbers and 1 Sherpa
  • Adventure Consultants: 2 climbers, 4 Sherpas
  • Peak Freaks: 5 climbers, 6 Sherpas
  • Jagged Globe: 6 climbers, 4 Sherpas
  • Benegas Brothers: 4 climbers, 2 Sherpas