Hey guys, I will be out of commission this weekend, so here are a few little updates before I go. The Lhotse Face has been fixed with ropes which means teams have been (or will be) heading up to "touch" Camp 3. Camp 3 sits on a clef right in the middle of this monstrously massive (and scarily vertical) face. Teams will often sleep at Camp 2, then go up and breath the air at Camp 3 for an hour or so for acclimatization (24,000 ft), then come back to Camp 2 to sleep. That's what "touching" means. I've been working on a sick video for Camp 2 to Camp 3 - could be the best one yet of the series. I'll release it next week when teams are rearing up for their summit attempts early-to-mid May. Word is that the fixed ropes will be going all the way up to the summit by May 2nd or 3rd. EXCITEMENT!!

In memory news, not much going on. Still training hard (not as hard, but still hard) and working on improving my new systems for memorizing numbers and cards.

You might have noticed a few changes to the website. I added more info about upcoming climbs, have added more videos, and a store (that isn't open yet). The store will be a cool place to visit in a couple of weeks. You'll be able to finally get some of those sexy Climb For Memory t-shirts you may have seen me wear. Not only that, but "How-tos" for memorizing different things. They'll be cheap, don't worry. And the money you use to purchase them will be viewed as a donation. BOOM. Oh, and sponsoring info - we've just finalized sponsorship packages for the 2013 climb. Those will be available for download soon.