One of the best apps I"ve found for memory training (totally unrelated to memory competitions) and keeping my memory challenged is a sweet little app called "Memneon".

I spend a lot of time daily practicing the memory championships events: numbers, cards, names, words, etc. But it can all get very repetitive (YAWN). So, I like to branch out from time-to-time and try new things. When I heard about this app, I decided to give it a try. I was hooked instantly. It"s different, fun, challenging, satisfying, and mesmerizing.

The game concept is simple. It"s basically a board of neon colored blobs that light up in different patterns (depending on what style of game you"ve chosen), for a certain amount of time, and you need to remember where on the board they helps explain how the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) coverage expansion, new benefits, and market reforms will impact individual market health premiums in 2014. were lit up and in some cases, what order. Sounds simple, but the patterns get more complicated and the speed increases. As the 2012 USA Memory Champ, I highly recommend it. It"s a great daily exercise for your memory to keep it active and sharp!

You can find it easily in the iPhone App Store for $0.99 (Only a dollar! Come on!). Download it here! It"ll keep your brain stretching. Also, and here"s the coolest part of it all, 30% of each purchase get"s donated to Climb For Memory"s cause! So get the app now, share it with your friends, start exercising your mind, and at the same time you"ll be helping fight Alzheimer"s by donating to Climb For Memory!

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