More like it's the anniversary of it winning the 2011 USA Memory Championships.

One year ago today, I walked into the ConEdison building in NYC all calm and collected, and proceeded to aggressively push for the finals and then win. It was such an awesome day for my as it was the cusp of years of hard work and training, all because of my late grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer's.

I usually would let up a bit after a win like that, but something inside me has kept me pushing harder than ever this past year. If that's even possible to imagine, I've trained harder this year than any year in my life both physically and mentally. I've pushed myself to places I couldn't have ever imagined. I want to defend my title, and I want to defend it HARD. That's not to say I will for sure win (the playoff elimination rounds at the competition are ruthless and can create some difficulties for anybody), but I feel confident in what I've trained. If someone has out-trained me, then so be it.

Either way, I'm stoked. I would love to carry the torch of USA Memory Champion for another year. For all of my readers out there, make sure to come to the ConEdison building on March 24th to check out the competition. It's really a fascinating thing to watch. If anything, go there to meet Joshua Foer, the author of Moonwalking With Einstein.