Just got back from the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The premiere of my film "Ben Franklin Blowing Bubbles At A Sword: The Journeys Of A Mental Athlete" (longest title ever) was on Friday, January 20th and apparently it went over really well (I was supposed to be there for it but I missed it because I was stuck on the tarmac at Chicago O"Hare for, no joke, 6 hours! So frustrating!).

Anyways, I was there for the rest of the weekend and was privy to online slots a few happy hour and red carpet events. People kept coming up to me saying how great they thought as part of this (see the free-credits-report.com Rating guide. the film was and how impressed they were with what I accomplished. Very cool! It was a pretty humbling experience. I never take a moment to step back and think of how far I"ve come ever since all this memory/climbing stuff started, so it was nice to take that all in for once.

We"ll see by Thursday if the film won Best Short Documentary. Can I just say that the highlight of my weekend was when actress Mary Sean Young came up to me and asked to take a photo with me. Little did she know that "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" is my all time favorite movie, so I freaked a bit.