So for any of you doubters of memory techniques and memory training out there, who think it's too crazy or hard, get this: my 65 year old aunt uses it all the time. She isn't training like crazy or anything, she just uses the basic principles whenever she needs it. Here is a recent example she told me about (it's awesome!) where she had to memorize a shopping list. She came up with an image for each item and then linked them into a quick story: 1. Toilet Cleaner refills (Winston Churchill - has initials WC like the bathroom) 2. Celery (Tom Seleck - his last name sounds almost like celery) 3. Mussles (Jean Claude Van Damme - he has big muscles) 4. Thyme - (Biding time - action of biding one's time) 5. cigarettes - (Eating fuming hot cigarettes - another action) 6. French fries - (Eating KFC - another action) 7. Cucumber (While playing the ukelele - another action. I guess ukelele reminds my aunt of a cucumber somehow?).

So she pictured Winston, Tom, and JCVD biding their time eating cigarettes and KFC while playing the ukelele. Something as simple (and outrageously silly) as that, got her 7 items on her grocery list. BA-ZING!!!