So it's official. For the next year I will be working side-by-side with this awesome tech company out in Utah, Fusion IO. Ever heard of the legendary Steve Wozniak? Yeah, he's their Chief Scientist (just to give you an idea of how awesome they are). What do they do? They create memory software and hardware for computers that is the most efficient (and badass) out there on the market. They basically have the best memory in the world. At least for computers...

Why am I working with them? It only makes sense that the best memory for computers is paired up with the best memory for the brain (mine!). The methods they use to create such efficient memory devices is pretty similar to what I use as a mental athlete to memorize things. Our goals are one in the same, to make the best use of what is available out there in order to store data. They use the latest hardware and cutting edge software technology, while I use the most effective memory techniques. We live in a world that has information flying out at us at a mile a minute. To be able to properly memorize some of things is key to being an efficient and successful human being, but for the thousands of other things we need to store, we use computers. So why not use the best memory systems out there for that? We need to store those things fast and without any problems. That is what Fusion IO can do.

What will I be doing for/with them? Numerous things. Memory seminars and workshops, helping them promote their title of having the best memory, hyping the upcoming memory championships, etc. The sky is the limit.

How can I learn more about Fusion IO? Go to their website here: and follow them on twitter at @fusionio.

(Fusion IO is working with Nelson Dellis, not Climb For of yet anyways. While Fusion IO is not affiliated with the charity Climb For Memory, Inc., they are 100% behind it)