So I did a talk yesterday at Living Social in DC. That company is pretty fricking awesome, I'm not gonna lie. Everyone's young, there's an awesome vibe in the office, and they have Xboxes everywhere. Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone there for giving me the opportunity to talk about memory. I hope it got a few people interested. For those that did, please check out my memory section of this website. I've outlined in more detail how to memorize names, numbers, and playing cards. I'm always adding new things, so keep checking my site.

In the mean time, to basically summarize my points from yesterday. The key to memorizing well and properly is to a). be able to convert what ever it is you want to memorize, into something visual. Not only something visual, but something visually funny, gross, bloody, bizarre, or sexual (you should have gotten a good feel for this from my demonstration lol). b). To create "journeys" in your mind of familiar places in order to "store" memorized information. Remember, these journeys can be any place you know, just as long as it's a place you know relatively well. The more anchor points you select on this journey, the more slots you have for stuffing information into it.

That's the basic idea, the rest is practice. Practice is the biggest part of it. Don't listen to Allen Iverson.