I added an ümlöt to the title ßecause I'm in Germany and using a German keyboard. Anyways, the competition was awesome. Such amazing competition. I think 5 of the competitors were ranked in the top 10 in the world (Simon Reinhard, Johannes Mallow, Ben Pridmore, Boris Konrad, and Christian Schaeffer). I ended up in 6th place out of 15, which is not bad considering that everyone ahead of me was from the list of names I just wrote, HA.

What's great is that I boosted my ranking yet again from 38th to 20th in the world. Pretty happy with that. Everytime I compete I get better and better. The World Memory Championships is in 2 months and a bit, so I'm sure I'll be top ten (maybe even top 5) material by then. I'll write more about all the events later but for now here are a few cool things I managed at the competition:

469 cards memorized in 30 minutes (thats 9 decks and 1 card) 840 digits memorized in 30 minutes (tried 1000 but made a couple mistakes) 264 digits memorized in 5 minutes (not close to my personal best, but my best in competition, so happy with that).

Oh and Simon Reinhard won the competition. He JUST passed Johannes with a speed cards score of 21.19 seconds (yeah, he can memorize a deck of cards in 21 seconds, it's insane), which is another world record (he set the world record last year with 21.90 seconds and now beat it again). Congrats to him. Everyone at the competition was super friendly and welcoming. Definitely will be there again next year.