A favorite slogan of mine is Alan Arnette's (www.alanarnette.com): "Memories are Everything." As I sit and watch all the 9/11 memorial events on TV, I can"t help but think how true that phrase is. Memories are everything. They are all we have. The fact that we, as humans, can relive that infamous day in our minds and feel the exact same emotions that poured into us is something that is so amazing and important. It allows the people who perished that day to be continuously remembered. It allows that day, a day that challenged us as Americans, to never leave us or our history. They only reason this is possible is because of memory.

The idea pushes Climb For Memory's vision even further, that we all need to make sure our memories stay intact as long as we can let them. In a world where 1 in 6 women and 1 in 10 men are subject to developing Alzheimer"s disease, I can't stress enough the fact that we all need to value our minds and treat it just as well as one would their body if it were at high risk of heart disease.

So with that, I proudly say that I remember and I will never forget that day and the people who lost their lives. I hope you value your mind and hopefully we can all remember that day with ease for the rest of our lives.