I'm back in Boston. Back to real life work on Monday. Not thrilled at all to be stuck at a desk for 8 hours a day, but hey, I gotta make a living. I've been steadily putting back on the LBS....probably too much though. But I started running again today. I missed running. It's so similar to climbing, it gives you time to be alone with your thoughts. I love that.

Anyways, it's a bit strange to not really have a large goal visible in front of you. Everest 2011 took up my life for a year and a half. Now what? Well, the first thing is I'd like to officially announce that Climb For Memory is going back up Everest in 2013. This time on the North Side through Tibet.

What else? Well, the World Memory Championships is this December in Beijing, and I plan to be the first American to ever rock it (Americans have been known to be dwarfed by the competition). I've still been training my memory every day and getting better so I'm confident I'll do well. Other memory competitions will be going on before then and I plan on getting into those to help build up to the world competition. I've got a lot of interesting things in the cooker for Climb For Memory, trying to further spread my knowledge of memory improvement to people of all ages. Stay tuned.